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Belong Malta Foundation

The Family Life Ministry of Agape Malta, partners fully with Belong (Malta) Foundation, which started in 2004 by couples who began to help others as they develop a meaningful relationship. Their mission is to bring hope and joy within marriage and families, thus accompanying couples along their life journey. Their threefold vision is for couples to belong to each other, to find companionship within a group and to grow in faith. Belong provides couples with skills, to learn and to use, so that they may find hope when life presents its challenges, enjoy their life journey to the full when it is going strong, and develop a significant relationship

They seek to give couples the opportunity to nurture their own relationship, create meaningful friendships with others who seek Christian values and grow a deeper knowledge of God’s love. To fulfil this, they organize events which offer both fun and formation so couples enjoy their time together and benefit from it fully within a pleasurable environment. These include open meetings, seminars, retreats, weekends, religious celebrations and various social functions. For info visit or or email us on

Belong Couples’ Meeting

Together Groups

Within the Belong Family Ministry and in collaboration with Agape UK Family Life, Agape Malta hosts ‘Together Groups’, which consist of a series of nine sessions where Biblical principles are applied to couple and family life. These are discussed in small groups of four to six married couples who follow the ‘Together’ booklet.

“This is a very good course. It’s a build-up from one session to the other. It is good to outreach with it. I want to do it again. We need to open it to new couples”


“Material is very interesting. We got to know each other better and helped each other in our difficulties. I learnt how to listen as I have the tendency to speak a lot.”


“I find it difficult to open up, but in the 3rd session I managed to start sharing. Being just 4 couples helped me to come out of myself”


“Nice spectrum of ages that made a different. The different walks of life helped each other. We had all the stages of marriage. A good mix. Discussion between group”

Various Participants

“We became so close that we looked for each other even in the other meetings”


“In the together groups we touched very practical issues which we face daily”


“It was a very healthy revision for our relationship. I realized that we continue doing the same mistake throughout the journey. So it was an important eye opener.”

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