Kids Ministries

Glow and Wake

The children’s ministry focuses on two age groups. The first is GLOW which caters for children who attend school from Kinder Two till Year Four. The second is WAKE which is for pre-teens who attend school Year Five till Form Two. These set up various activities for children and adolescents, including during Family Life events so that parents can maximise their time together. This ministry goes beyond child minding as it transmits positive values to help them mature in a fun way. Activities contain audio-visuals and crafts that attract the children’s focus and keep them entertained, so much that children themselves encourage their parents to attend the couple’s meetings.


The Puppets4JESUSteam aims to bring Biblical and altruistic values to children in various schools, Parishes and other settings even on a national level. The team made various performances during Lent of 2019 and reached out to hundreds of children from different schools. It has two different programs, one specific for school years One to Three, and another for school Years Four to Six, each with different characters, costumes, props and stories. These performances were very well received from children and teachers alike. At the end of the events, a copy of the Jesus Film for Children is distributed to those present.

Jesus Film

The Jesus Film is a project which spreads the Good News of the Gospel through films about the life of Jesus. The films include the Jesus Film, the Children’s version and Magdalena amongst others. This is an innovative way to help people understand more about the life of Jesus and increase their faith.

Puppets4JESUSteam and Jesus Film Testimonials

“I enjoyed it as much as my kids. well done to all dear friends”

School Headmistress

“Today when Luca returned home he told me ….I learnt about love, the importance to listen, and much more….. very big well done to all the team….GBU”

Mother of a child

“Lenten talks with a difference thanks to Puppets and Belong Group for our primary campus students, they really enjoyed it!”

School Website

“The children saw the DVD 3 times and want to watch it again”


It was a blast, my friends and I really liked it. We discussed the film repeatedly”

12-year-old girl
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