Teens Ministry

SHINE Youth Ministry

Shine Malta is the Agape Malta teens’ ministry and is specifically designed to help them mature and develop their inner beauty and shine bright wherever they are. It aims to equip adolescents and youths through fun activities, meaningful friendships and inspire them to grow in faith. Events included monthly meetings, camping, formation weekends, various liturgical functions and live-ins that include recreational activities such as games, music and dancing. Shine Malta collaborates with Shine Europe which is part of Agape Europe and who provide speakers and tools for formation. For more details visit www.shine.mt


Shine Crew is a group of teens who are on a discipleship formation journey. They have personal and group development meetings and weekends where they learn skills through talks, team-building exercises and games. They also participate in the Shine Europe formation strategy and had speakers from other Shine Europe countries address them during weekends and events.

Student Life

Student Life is a Student-Led Ministry on Campus through social media, Bible sharing and other activities which are led by students who want to share their faith with fellow students on their College/University Campus.

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